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What happened to Playpond Games?

[Post New]by NAVEMAN3 on Feb 18, 15 9:30 AM
As far as I know they only released 2 or 3 games on BigFish and then we got nothing. What happened to the company since their website isn't dead yet? If they're still alive, tell me and explain why we're not getting anything from them and if they're dead what's the explanation?


Re:What happened to Playpond Games?

[Post New]by BoomchuckPxyNiki on Apr 15, 15 7:37 PM
Playpond games is a subset of the company PixelStorm. Their website hasn't been updated since 2011, so I'm guessing they've gone out of the business of developing new games, though they still likely get proceeds from their older games. Their contact page is located at, if you wanted to ask them directly. I doubt anyone from the company or even BF Games will see your questions here.

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