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level 8

[Post New]by sue2bleu on Feb 19, 15 2:26 PM
Can't make 3 stars no matter what my strategy!

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Re:level 8

[Post New]by MammawJo on Feb 20, 15 10:06 AM
A few different strategies will work on this level. Here's one:

Clear resource to Sawmill & build
Build bridge
Clear to the north wood altar
Clear to the right to the Wood Warehouse (collect wood as needed)
Upgrade the Sawmill when it becomes available
Use the Stop Time bonus throughout the level
Build a Farm & upgrade
Build the bridge to the right
Add a 2nd worker
Build the bridge to the left.
Collect resources
Fill the ship.

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Re:level 8

[Post New]by infoimptx on Apr 3, 15 6:46 AM
Got it first time with this...THANK YOU!!


Re:level 8

[Post New]by silverdove50 on May 4, 15 1:34 PM
I've tried and re-tried this level. Almost make it using this strategy, but my 3rd star disappears even before the level drops below the line, so can't make it regardless. Would sure like it if they got the bugs out

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