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Tips and Tricks for Baby Blimp

[Post New]by bfgAegean on Aug 8, 08 9:22 AM
Upgrade your blimp and your storks – As you go, make sure to use the points you’ve earned to purchase upgrades that improve the speed at which you can get the babies ready and to their new homes.

Take a peek
– Look at the descriptors of the trophies you are able to win. Take note of the conditions in which they can be earned. It’ll help you focus as you play in order to win them.

Prepare ahead of time – Keep a constant stream of formula ready for the newborns by clicking on the formula machine as soon as it runs out.

Slow it down – In order to get more points, when a baby is finished place him/her at the back of the conveyor belt where he/she started. This way you can get other babies ready, and send more of them off at a time.

These are just a few hints to help you out. If you have any other suggestions, post them below!


Re:Tips and Tricks for Baby Blimp

[Post New]by Orpah_Deborah on Apr 20, 10 10:53 PM
Good game enjoying manufacturing babies.

First time in my life i have come across a game where we have to manufacture babies but enjoying it, new kind a concept.


Re:Tips and Tricks for Baby Blimp

[Post New]by l_ydia_judith on Apr 21, 10 11:28 PM
Do anyone has any tips or tricks on how to get the twins or triplets when I have the normal baby. Can anyone help!


Re:Tips and Tricks for Baby Blimp

[Post New]by crazy_jack on Jul 15, 10 12:11 AM
Nice Game. Really enjoying manufacturing babies. It’s wonderful, we can manufacture babies.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Tips and Tricks for Baby Blimp

[Post New]by que33 on Aug 14, 10 5:21 PM
Please help I feel so stupid I just started playing Baby Blimp and
im stuck on level 8, I can't get past the rain is the problem, I always
get my points taking away from me and I just give up PLEASE HELP.

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Re:Tips and Tricks for Baby Blimp

[Post New]by KimM34470 on Jul 15, 11 1:37 PM
How do you get the expert scores? I just cannot on level 5, I'd gotten it on higher levels. The game itself doesn't really explain how many points you get for each action.

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