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3 Games for the Price of 1!

[Post New]by Sherry__Rose on Feb 20, 15 1:08 PM
I mentioned yesterday that I had finished the game in normal/regular mode. Today I created a new profile name and started the game again in hard mode. Since I was a "new" player, I, of course, didn't have any power-ups or wildcards. Then I got curious and started the game again in hard mode, using my original profile game. Guess what? All of my power-ups and wildcards are still there! So now I can play the game two more times without repeating: in hard mode with my original name and in hard mode with my new name and no power-ups or wildcards for a more challenging game. What fun!

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Re:3 Games for the Price of 1!

[Post New]by _DD_ on Feb 22, 15 12:36 AM
I did the same, Sherry_Rose, started Hard Mode both with a new profile and also with my first profile, with which I had finished in Normal mode.
I find both entertaining; strategy is harder w/o the power ups, of course, but it is still there, just different, with the Hard Mode and the power up's available - I can enjoy them longer this way.

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