Cologne Level 10

[Post New]by dawnmillstone on Feb 20, 15 3:08 PM
I have played this level about 20 times and I cannot get 3 stars. Any hints? Thank you!

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Re:Cologne Level 10

[Post New]by maurorh on May 31, 15 12:00 PM
Have a worker start collecting resources. Once he gets to the trees have him continue on but have the other worker start cutting all of them. At the corner build a bank then continue up collecting resources until you can build a shop on the plot along the side. The workers should then continue collecting resources, build a quarry and cut down the trees at the bottom. When you have enough money, hire a recruit and send him to cut down the trees next to the shop. Have two workers continue cutting while another pays the vendor and clears the road. Make sure the workers continue cutting and don't waste time running long distances. Good luck.

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