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Scoring in Abundante

[Post New]by MooeyG on Feb 21, 15 10:45 AM
I know this is a really old game, but I still love to play it. I have gotten all the way through it, to the end, and unlocked Expert level - then went to the end again. It is an interesting game. Some of the levels are wicked difficult, but I always found the key is to go at a steady pace, and match the shapes as quickly as possible.

I don't move my eyeballs to the right to see what shapes come up, but has anyone ever listed the shapes in order of appearance? That would be helpful if you could write down the shapes in order, then look for JUST those shapes. Your gem meter fills up very rapidly when you match shapes. Everything else, like just catching gems from random matches and opening treasure chests, is extra.

I don't think the color of the gem matters, either but I could not swear to it. I just concentrate so hard on finding the shapes, that I don't look at anything else.

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