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[Post New]by Xiphias_Gladius on Feb 21, 15 10:55 AM
Just finished playing this and I thought it was one of the best. My favorite part was the writing, which seems to get scant attention in these games and reviews. There is a story, the characters have personalities, and the dialog is witty. I would call this game 45% adventure, 30% mini-games / puzzles, 25% hidden object. The scenery, character and object art is all very good. The cut-scene art is not so great.

You need to buy things in the general store (even though your mom owns it - no family discount). The local currency is diamonds. Fortunately, you will find some in nearly every scene. There are two other ways to get diamonds. One is with coal, which is also scattered around nearly every scene. But, you don't need to pick up every diamond and bit of coal.

By the time you begin to really need it, your map becomes a jump map. The hidden objects are good sized. A very few were in spots dark enough that I had to increase my (15 year old) monitor brightness to 84% to find them. There ARE places I got stuck (mentally), but I hate a game that is too easy. What is the point of paying for a game, letting the game tell you where to click 200 times, then you win?

I found the protagonist's (Eliza) English accent to be more charming than irritating. Your opinion may be different. The other characters (including Eliza's mother) have American accents, except for the museum curator's Russian one. Please support quality games and buy this one. Other games I recommend:
- Mushroom Age (terrible name, great writing, time travel, history)
- The Fool (humor abounds. Fool tries to fool a kingdom, then save Princess)
- Dark Strokes - Sins of the Fathers (great art, story, characters)
- Shaolin Mystery - Tale of the Jade Dragon Staff (epic Chinese story)
- Dark Parables - Rise of the Snow Queen (great art, story. Sequels not as good)
- Amulet of Time - Shadow of La Rochelle (great art, historical mystery)
- Dracula - Love Kills (great art, story, dialog. Some hate Igor-Van Helsing banter)
- Portal of Evil - Stolen Runes (movie-quality music and cinematic cut-scenes)
- Vampireville (just started. Appraise vampire's mansion for tax sale - humorous)

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