Level 5 Stones

[Post New]by karsun on Feb 22, 15 3:23 AM
I've restarted four different times and if I build the stone factory first - I run out of wood. If I build the other two - I don't have enough stones to build that factory. I know where the treasure chest is and how to finish the game but can't seem to get enough stones.

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Re:Level 5 Stones

[Post New]by burf90 on Feb 22, 15 8:56 AM
You don't need stone to build either the bakery or the sawmill, so build those first. Also, don't upgrade your tent until you have the sawmill repaired - you'll need that wood. Start by clearing your way to the pumpkin patch, then work your way to the bakery and fix that, followed by fixing the sawmill. Once you have a steady supply of wood, clear the rock pile in front of the gypsy and to the right of the tent. Then go build the quarry. That should set you up to finish the level.


Re:Level 5 Stones

[Post New]by karsun on Feb 23, 15 12:38 AM
I'm going to try all of that - thank you so very much!

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