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How to Restart with New Player

[Post New]by tholmes2 on Feb 22, 15 4:36 AM
There is a way to restart this game from scratch and also other games that are free and won't let you recreate a new player, I have windows 7 but I am pretty sure this would work on any windows os system
Here is what I did:

Windows Start

Click Computer

Tools at the top (If it doesn't show tools, click Alt on keyboard)

Select Folder Options

Select "View" tab at top

Under where it says "Hidden Files and Folders" make sure the little circle next to "Show hidden files, folders and drives" is selected, if not select it and then click Apply, and then Ok

Now Follow these Steps:

Click Start
Click Computer
Double click Local Disk (in most cases C)
Click on "Users" folder
Look for the folder with your computers user name and open it

There will be a folder labeled AppData (It might be slightly faded out looking)
Open this folder

Open the folder labeled Roaming

Locate and open the file labeled "At Games" (or what ever game u are trying to restart fresh, the Agent 33 game would be EleFun Games)

In this folder there will be another folder with the name of the game

Right click this folder and select delete

Now when you open the game, it will be a fresh new start for you :-)

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