Level 39

[Post New]by zambaldi on Feb 22, 15 3:04 PM
Anyone getting three stars on this level.... always a little short. Hope you can help.


Re:Level 39

[Post New]by LesMis89 on Apr 23, 15 10:08 AM
I just got 3 stars and here's how.

I'm finding that most of the levels have what I call 'decoys' in them - stuff you not only don't need to complete the level at 3 stars but will actually keep you from getting 3 stars because doing them takes too much time.

Anyway, the decoy on level 39 is the Sawmill - ignore it.

1. Remove 1st log
2. Grab crystal on stump
3. Remove log on right path next to 'wood' stump
4. Grab wood from stump
5. Improve City Hall for 2nd worker
6. Send 1st worker to food at end of right path and 2nd worker to Fishing Place
7. Send 1st worker to remove log on left path
8. 1st worker improves mine
9. 2nd worker removes Rock Block
10. Grab food on path
11. Remove log blocking Sawmill
12. Remove Rock Block
13. Trigger Double Speed
14. Grab all stuff on stumps, grabbing the furthest away stumps first
15. Improve mine again
16. Send 1st worker back to Fishing Place
17. Send 2nd worker to remove Rock Block on right path
18. 1st worker goes back to Fishing Place
19. 2nd worker removes Big Crystal blocking the last food stump
20. 1st worker Grabs food on that stump
21. 2nd worker builds Gryphon's House

By this time the stumps have begun to regenerate again, so
22. Send workers to clear all of the stumps while the gryphon clears away the four trolls
23. Once each stump is clear (except for the last food stump - step 20), regenerate the stumps and clear them again
24. Send a worker back to Fishing Place for final 5 food
25. Send gryphon to clear dragons #1 and #2
26. Clear stumps once again as they regenerate

There's a slight lull here since dragon #3 will have dropped by now but cannot be cleared until the mine gives crystal again
27. Clear dragon #3
28. Clear stumps of crystal and food ONLY
29. Regenerate stumps and grab nearest crystal
30. Clear dragon #4

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