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Level 46

[Post New]by Ratred54 on Feb 22, 15 3:20 PM
How do you beat it? i have tried everything and nothing seems to work

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Re:Level 46

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Feb 23, 15 9:21 AM
A good general strategy that's worked for me throughout the game is to first look at what goals it wants you to accomplish at the left side. Then, I work on getting the army, hammer, and timer powerups charged as often as I can and use them as soon as they become available and keep doing that throughout the level. Try to save the cannonballs and lightning for late in the board because you only get one lightning bolt and 3 cannonballs max per level. (There are a few notable exceptions like level 99 where I'll use all three cannonballs right away, but usually it's better to hang onto them.)

If there are treasure chests that are chained, depending on where they're located, you may want to use the ships on them if they're all in a row to break off some of the chains first. The same thing goes for boards where there are long narrow rows with a lot of chained pieces and you have a goal of clearing all tiles.

If you have a goal of clearing all treasure chests and many of them are chained, work on chipping off the chains first with the army or hammer powerups and matching whatever you can, then when most of the chains are gone, use the lightning on them.

If there is an area of the board that is empty because chained tiles are closing it off, focus on removing those chains with matches or powerups first so the empty room(s) will populate. Powerups do NOT work on spaces that are empty with just chains in them; they have to be a chained TILE so if there's empty spaces with just chains, break the chained tiles above them first to get the empty chained spaces to fill in.

This is one of the most challenging M3s I've ever played, so if all else fails, the next best advice is to give the game a rest and come back to it later. Hope that helps.

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