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[Post New]by dlubo on Feb 24, 15 10:41 AM
The game crashed.
I can't play anymore.
I have uninstall & re&install the game again & again but it crashed when i create the profile.
What can i do, is it the only person tha's happening?


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[Post New]by bfgBellerophon on Feb 24, 15 11:04 AM
Hi dlubo,

I was splashing along and came across this thread in the pond. I'm so sorry to hear that this game seems to crash even after uninstalling and reinstalling. I can definitely see how frustrating this can be.

It may be helpful to check our the following help page:

Game Crashing, Freezing, or Blank Screen

If you are still seeing this issue, I recommend to contact our Technical Support Team with a Dr. Felix Report. They will be able to further troubleshoot.

This seems to be a tech issue, we do ask that all technical issues be placed in the tech forum of the game. Since this issue has been addressed, I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread.

I hope this helps!


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