Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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[Post New]by Mushb on Feb 25, 15 11:10 AM
Help ! I cant finish in gold time. Anyone have any ideas?

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[Post New]by JB4510 on Mar 10, 15 6:55 AM

There are a couple of things you must do in a certain order to make Gold time. Others may know a different way, but I've played at least 50 times as I am currently replaying trying to beat developer's score on every level.

In General:

You want to clear the bottom first, collecting the pearl, before building the boat, I don't know why but every time I try to build the boat first, it doesn't work.

You'll need all of your Farm, house and Gold mine up to Level 3 before starting the boat.

You want to use your Bonus Supplies in combination with Run Faster as often as possible.

Start by Clearing the path running in front the house, collecting wood above as it becomes available. When working toward the left side, build the little bridge and collect the two wood piles and then stop there. On the right side, build the bridge to the gold, but don't collect yet. Clear a path only to the berry bush.

Keep collecting wood while waiting for the bonus bar to hit Extra supplies, which will happen right after the first thunder cloud comes. Use the extra supply bonus to collect the gold in front of the house, the food and gold to the far left, any wood available up top and the food along the path to the Farm.

Build the statue to repel the Thunder clouds. Upgrade your house to one extra worker, build the Farm, fill in the cracks and clear the grass patches on the paths on the bottom.

Use your Extra Supply bonus and Run Faster as often as you can to collect wood and food. Fill in the holes to the Gold Mine but upgrade the Farm once before building the Mine.

Use your Extra Supply bonus and Run Faster as often as you can to collect wood and food until you have the Mine built at level one. Watch your food and when you have a decent amount, use the bonus combo to chop as many trees as you can, and upgrade Mine to Level 2. Next time the bonuses are available, use them to get to the gold in the bottom right, upgrade the Farm to level 3.

Build the Nest for Pegasus, clear the gem and fill in hole to get the Pearl; at the same time, be sure you are collecting wood to upgrade Mine to Level 3.

Once everything is at Level 3, start making your way to the ship. Your main focus in going to be on collecting the gold from the Mine. You still need a little bit of food and wood, but the Gold is the issue. While the guy is building the boat, just focus on using the Extra bonus every time you collect the gold.

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