Pipe for Still

[Post New]by judithmadams on Feb 27, 15 8:19 AM
My pipe for the still is not in my inventory. I went back to the beach, but it is not there either. I cannot continue with the game. Any suggestions? If the monkey stole it from my inventory, I would have to go way back in the game and start over, and that is not an option.

Do I have any other options?


Re:Pipe for Still

[Post New]by thedeadman782004 on Jul 18, 15 2:09 AM
I don't think it is absolutely necessary to use the still. At least not until after reaching the location where the monkey who stole the pipe is storing it. As long as you can keep Mina and Jep's energy full enough without it, you don't need any of the things from the still until after reaching the storage location.

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