Garden gate

[Post New]by rmckinnon61 on Mar 2, 15 5:38 PM
I have just finished level 5, the moon, and can't open the garden gate. The locket pops up for a second and then disappears. It has no hearts in it and when I press on the roses to open the gate nothing happens. I'm stuck and not at all happy. I'm thinking its a glitch. Please help!


Re:Garden gate

[Post New]by IMSidney2 on Mar 5, 15 9:39 PM
This happened to me. I started the game over with a different player name. I know, it's a pain. When you get the locket, it should show up in the lower right. Keep watching that it is there as you go along. The first time, I didn't put the first heart in as soon as I found it. I thought you had to collect all four before inserting them into the locket. No! Put the first heart in the locket immediately. If it doesn't show up on it's own, click on it in the lower right and insert the heart. When you get the second heart, insert that immediately. When you get to the outer garden gate, the locket will show up on its own and you're good to continue.

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