Code for Ball by Post Office

[Post New]by Luvmydrafts on Mar 3, 15 10:33 AM
I am in an alley way that has a large stone ball with symbols at the bottom. I found the symbols it the upstairs room but did not write them down thinking they would be in my journal and now I can not get back to the small balloons by the scale to retrieve the code. Anyone have the code or can tell me how to retrieve it? Thanks so much!

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Re:Code for Ball by Post Office

[Post New]by bobhillman on Mar 6, 15 9:51 AM
Highlight to readM, double X,Arrow, P, S (with vertical line), Other S (Lightning Bolt). Or, if you click on each one in turn, it will light up when it's correct. Incidentally, I use the camera on my cellphone for recording information like this, as its far quicker than trying to write it down.

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