[Post New]by redhotn42 on Mar 3, 15 3:16 PM
I am in the hidden room and opened the briefcase, I think I was supposed to get a camera and take a picture maybe but there is no camera. my inventory items are the briefcase waiting for some metal, the gloves and 1 of the 2 travel chips. Can anyone help me please?

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[Post New]by vadudette on Mar 4, 15 10:23 AM
when you open the case you click on the camera then hold it toward the side and takes the picture but has to be in the right place to do it...otherwise the camera is lost and no way to retrieve it...I had to start over several times at this point....when you get to the fireplace that is a stumper also SAVE THE FLOWER( it's in the bottom left corner)TILL LAST then you can get the gem....good luck

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