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Defender of the Crown is strictly strategic, I try to buy a catapult after my first round, you can then attack unmanned towers and castles to lower the enemies army number, then you can fight it out on the battlefield.
The object is to keep enough territory around you, that the enemy cannot get to your castle and to take as many fortresses and castles as quickly as possible.
Wiping out the main castles eliminates the oponent

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You're right, taking out the neighbours early is good. I don't normally buy a catapult until about round 3 though, and focus on foot soldiers, and maybe a knight or 2 to build up the army and take some decent counties. I find this method pays for itself, and if done properly, the other factions wipe each other out and then you're the major power. The game's all about money, the more rich provinces you have, the bigger the army you will be able to build.

I don't bother with archers and crossbowmen until around the 5th round, or when I've built the army up a bit. I also don't hold jousts or archery contests until later, because even if you win a county, guaranteed you'll lose it next round! The bottom line though, I think, is footsoldiers, footsoldiers, footsoldiers. They're the best value for money



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So where is the next version? Someone get off their arse and get me more game with some teeth to it.
How about a bigger land and more Lords? Maybe new weapons and men carrying them to a bloodier battle?

Cant play this game yet? Footsoldiers the first 2 rounds then expand with knights and then archers. Save some cash if it means a quicker catapult. Dont get land greedy. Be happy with 2-3 lands and let the others thin themselves out. Just entrench at home or make sure you control the 2 lands in front of yours.
Pay attention to a Lord who just got his arse kicked. Very attackable at home or when he decides he is big enough to fight again.



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Maybe heroes live forever, but I die fast!!! This is the first game of this type I've played and I am LOST!!! How can anyone buy a catapult after the first round if your tax revenue is only 2 coins? What can I do if another lord asks for help and I'm thinking if I help he could be an ally but all I see as an option is to attack him. Sometimes I win a joust and get a little fame...I'm afraid to joust for land since I only have one piece but maybe I should risk it since with only one territory I soon get overrun by neighbors. Help! Pretend you're explaining the game to a total n00b, 'cuz I am SO lost and confused. Thx.




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I LOVED LOVED LOVED the original, shame the epic music isn't in it any more.. man those pc speakers were phat.

The updates to the mini games are nice and even like the original, you can beat em everytime ....cept the catapult stuff, I knock down 3/4 of thier walls and the fire and desease still misses,doesn't matter if i aim it on the red or yellow or green. always missed, bit wtf when it goes thru the gaping hole in there castle wall

YES , learn the terrotries and how much each yeild $ per turn, Those are the ones you go after. It is worth jousting for 3 pieces of land if you can do it, because you will earn $ for one turn of that land, so joust for the 3 expensive ones, or use jousting to contain someone, esp in later stages of the game.

I agree early , its best to try and hold onto a couple of pieces and get the hook up from robin if ya can, n Kill ur nieghbour.Stealing someones princess will stop em attacking for 3 turns or so, so you can put the clamp down on someone while u reclaim all thier land.

I played one game.. for an hour and half.. as it become a 1vs1, me with like 3 pieces of land, him with the rest. he had a 419 Range and 786 melee army. and I had about 3 footsoilders at this piont..... I spent the entire time turtling my way thru jousting and re claiming all the lands around me.. he could only claim one back per turn... took a while. managed to get ALL the land bar one and contain him in his bottom left position, I set up a garrison right outside. earning 100 coin per turn. buying troops and having to buy cards, Fame was low, so after jousting all the land, I jousted for fame. FINALLLY got a bigger army. one to surpass his 419/786 count AND his castle defense bonus's, went to engage... game fcking crashed. LOL

Ohh Defender of the crown, I was excited to run your doc.exe file in the 80's and im still excited by it now.

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