Bonus chapter-last jigsaw puzzle

[Post New]by elliemay4 on Mar 5, 15 7:56 AM
I am playing this game on an iPad and cannot find the last but one piece of the last jigsaw puzzle. Having looked at videos the piece is supposed to be at the top of the screen just to the left of the guys hat but no matter how many times I press the screen in the area where it's supposed to be nothing appears. I have tried the help button but that disappears off screen too.

It doesn't help matters when the guy is slamming his fist and dislodging pieces!

The piece I'm having trouble locating is from the top row of the last jigsaw puzzle and is the piece that connects to the top right corner piece.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.


Re:Bonus chapter-last jigsaw puzzle

[Post New]by LMM12345678 on Mar 21, 15 1:51 PM
Did you ever figure this out because I'm having the exact same problem.

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Re:Bonus chapter-last jigsaw puzzle

[Post New]by idahodogs on Aug 9, 15 5:10 PM
Click on the guy standing next to the demon. Over hisheart and that is where you'll find it. That puzzle gave me an anxiety attack. Hope you you are still reading the forum.


Re:Bonus chapter-last jigsaw puzzle

[Post New]by avrenim8 on Nov 3, 15 8:06 PM
I'm having the exact same problem. The second piece from the top on the far left of the puzzle. When I hit the hint button, it's telling me it's to the left, off the screen. I can't grab it.

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