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How to replace the terrible level complete sound (machine gun???) at fireworks

[Post New]by TheRealFreak on Mar 6, 15 1:57 AM
I think the included level complete sound is terrible and not suitable to the fireworks graphics.

This can be replaced "easily":
Easily in " because the game does not play just a sound from start to end, you need a sound with a special design: the file is played in full only once and then several times (~ 5) repeated partially between ~ 0,5s - 0,8s time position.

Here is the really easy and best for low effort way:
- rename the file "firework.ogg" in the's subfolder ".\data\sound" to
- rename the cached "firework.wav" file at
...".\cached\data\sound" to
- replace it by copy ".\data\sounds\wow.ogg" to
...from the Dynasty game (demo is enough)
...which you'll get here at bigfish at:

I love the "bellish" coin sound much more (than the original "machine gun" sound), especially when it's repeated at it's part ~ 0,5s - 0,8s multiple times by the game.


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