Next Case

[Post New]by juliemoy on Aug 11, 08 4:33 PM
Hi everyone,

I finally solved the eight pointed star puzzle, but am unable to move to the next case. Am I missing something or is the eight pointed puzzle the end of the game??
Please help!!!!



Prime Suspects

[Post New]by Carol69 on Aug 16, 08 9:14 AM
I did it! I solved the puzzle! No need to answer my last post asking for help, but I couldn't have placed all seven gems without this forum. Thanks.

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Orca Whale
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Re:Next Case

[Post New]by cesse47 on Aug 16, 08 9:22 AM
carol, welcome to the forum. congrats to you on the finish. It remains one of my favorite games.


Re:Prime Suspects

[Post New]by pinkrosecottage on Sep 8, 08 2:32 AM
Thanks all l have got thru it all. But in one part the the fruit and vegie stand, you have to find a smiley face, well it on a very small padlock and it does not matter how many times l click on it , it does not go, so l took a hint to make sure it was it . Well it was but unable to get it to go , it's so so small .Is anyone else having this problem.

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