Game freezing

[Post New]by handymama72 on Mar 7, 15 6:49 PM
I am sorry to read that one person is not buying because of this.

My advice to those who are using Vista or 7 check updates for your video card and/or upgrade your RAM. I play lot of games and have upgraded all mine. My laptop is a 64bit so I have gone from 2GB to 8GB max permitted, the others have all gone to 4GB max permiited,

I've got 4pcs, a laptop and a new notebook which I have upgraded from 8 to Windows 10 the evaluation copy, sad isnt it. That OS is causing me a lot of problem with these fantasy games. I also have it on a refurbished pc originally running XP. Game 1 will run to level 3 and freeze, but the others will not run beyond the intro pages with the power-ups and instructions.

Please don't blame the game, it could be the frame rate, screen resolution, or more likely those reasons I mentioned at the beginning, video card and RAM. Try those and see how you go.


Re:Game freezing

[Post New]by handymama72 on Mar 22, 15 4:43 PM
Since my last post I have solved the problems with the games not running properly, the culprit was not the OS, but the integrated video. Windows insisted that it was up to date, but it wasn't. I uninstalled the intel ig and just ran the notebook for a couple of days without.The screen tearing I had also been experiencing was not quite as bad, but I still could not play Fairway Solitaire. Then on Saturday morning In the queue with the new build for win 10 were the intel graphics, which I reinstalled and this time I checked all the drivers with Driver Detective. The Intel driver was out of date!! A quick update and everything is running properly now.
Hope this helps others with the same problem

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