Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by gams23 on Jun 6, 09 4:07 PM
I've been having much of the same problems that everyone has been describing. I have contacted Big Fish about my problems but have not heard anything back yet. Has anyone been able to fix their runtime errors or should I stop holding out hope that I will again be able to play this game?


Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by b2lulu on Jun 7, 09 8:33 AM
I contacted them 4 or 5 days ago. Someone did e-mail me back. But, we are still trying to fix the problem. Last time I heard from them was 2 days ago..... I've sent screenshots and run Dr. Felix. They can't find anything that is wrong with my computer, so maybe they are fixing the game???


Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by b2lulu on Jun 7, 09 4:16 PM
This is the response I got:

Thanks for taking the time to send the Dr. Felix report. I checked your system and I see that it is running with 254MB memory. This is a little below what the minimum requirement for Youda Marina with 256MB memory. You may be able to play some games, however you may run into trouble with other. This could cause for the error. I do apologize for the inconvenience with this. The system requirements for each game is located at the bottom of each game page.

And it went on to say use the 60 minute trials. It let me play the trial so I don't know.....


Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by Dragonclaws0554 on Jun 11, 09 6:45 PM
I am having trouble with the game and I am running more than 256. i think the game is just plain buggy and Youda games really needs to address the problem.


Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by lonman on Jun 11, 09 8:10 PM
I'm also having issues! I'm running 756mb ram w/ 850ghz! plenty of requirement here.I think the game needs some addressing.


Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by Ginger1880 on Jun 14, 09 4:20 PM
I have contacted Youda Games tonight regarding these issues and given them a link to this forum

I will let you know I if/when I hear from them



help fix

[Post New]by hotepie on Aug 9, 09 9:49 AM
i have a runtime errors on sherwood that is why i am here and i miss my friends can any 1 help me fix the errors


Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by MikeTheApeman on Jan 1, 10 7:14 PM
I finally did. I didn't buy the game through Big Fish, so the paths might be a little different, but this SHOULD work. Make sure in Windows Explorer that you have the option to Show Hidden Files.
- Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\(Your User ID)\Application Data\YoudaGames\Youda Marina
- delete the folder "Data"

Should get rid of the error. Now, when I did it, I deleted all folders under Youda Marina, which also caused me to lose my save data, so be warned this is a possible consequence.


Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by MikeTheApeman on Jan 2, 10 12:43 PM
As an FYI, I did find that solution somewhere else here in the Big Fish Forums now that i think back.

I'm having a similar issue that everyone else is - once I hit Manager on any given scenario, the game starts freezing every minute or so. I've updated Flash, updated video card drivers, increased local flash storage to 100Mb, tried running both windowed and full screen, had auto pause on and off...the whole 9 yards, still getting the freezing. It's almost as if once you get to Manager, there's too much going on at once and the game can't handle it.

Anyone able to clear this one up?


Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by Orpah_Deborah on Apr 20, 10 11:11 PM
I must say if you face any kind a technical fault with the game the quickly contact the vendor and they will fix it for you.

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Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by adgdfeg on May 18, 10 11:51 PM
I think this is the most common issues faced with Youda Marina, and the only solution to it is to contact the support, for help.


Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by FlabbyWhiteBoy on Dec 16, 11 10:50 PM
MikeTheApeMan has nailed it. I'm running Windows7 and was getting the runtime error problem. Youda Games support sent me a link for a new version to download but still got the runtime error.

I went into Users\AppData\Roaming\YoudaGames\YoudaMarina and renamed the "save" directory and restarted the game. Worked perfectly, though I've now lost my old scores etc. Still, a small price to pay for getting it up and running again.

This would indicate that one of the files was corrupt in some way. [Tech Support - if you're reading this them I'd be happy to send you the files from my renamed save directory]


Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by tracy123456789 on Jan 28, 13 11:26 AM
hi am playing yonder marina but having trouble its loads up fine installed correctly but playing it with tutourial it askes to put in a radio station when i did he dont appear to have worked and no bouts flashing it looks like its freezing on me and when you pause it it wont go bk to game stays in pause mode cant do nothing please help iv aslo put my comp in game mode and unintalled game and reinstalled it and still i getting nothing this game used to work now it dont whats gone wrong does this have anything to do with the run time as i have no clue on this new isue its freezing on me right from the start

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Re:Has anyone overcome the runtime errors?

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Jan 28, 13 12:24 PM
Hi tracy123456789,

I just replied with some info I hope will help over in this other thread you posted in. You can check it out by clicking right here.


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