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Not enough Colors (Maximum of 2 on certain levels)

[Post New]by RZach on Mar 10, 15 11:59 AM
I am playing Fantasy Mosaics 4:Art of color on a Mac running Yosemite. Every thing goes well until Level 6 frame 3 when on the third or fourth pass the number of blanks is so great relative to the clue numbers that a third color is needed to have any chance of working the game before mistakes overcome everything. However, despite the implication that one can have a lot of colors which does occur at lower levels one cannot get more than two colors in this frame. The game starts with yellow and when the first pass is complete the color switches to red. However, on the next pass another color is needed because the game can only go back to yellow and that means you cannot, as a practical matter, go any further due to the confusion between first pass yellow and now third pass yellow.

Right and left click have no effect on changing color.

I think the general rules work OK at lower levels but as one advances one begins to push the envelope well beyond the available tools. I do not know whether this is a game logic flaw or an error due to something about Yosemite.

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Re:Not enough Colors (Maximum of 2 on certain levels)

[Post New]by hraili on May 15, 15 8:53 AM
In my version of the game there are 3 colours on every single level. You can change the colour by hitting the large coloured circle on right. (That circle also has the same colour that your are currently playing with)

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