Please provide patch

[Post New]by belladawn on Jun 6, 09 7:25 PM
I've been having the same start up problem as everyone else. I found a patch on gamershell but don't know how ti install properly. It always says that there is an error reading the file. Please either update the game with patch included or provide a patch that we can download and install with directions on BFG,


Re:Please provide patch

[Post New]by ThomasY on Jul 5, 09 6:23 PM
Been 7 months and the problem still exists

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Re:Please provide patch

[Post New]by wigg42 on Dec 4, 09 9:33 AM
You don't need a patch did you check the compatibitity of Hotel Giant before you purchased it?
I could't play the game one one of my computers, so I put it on another of my computers and it worked. (obviously I unistalled it on the first computer first)


Re:Please provide patch

[Post New]by carri333 on May 15, 10 7:59 AM
YES!!!!! I checked the compatibility of game first but still had this problem I will always read these forums before ever trusting this site to provide decent service of making sure these games are compatible with the latest technology..... What a disgrace!!!! The BIG FISH admin should post that this does not work before you have to go through the three hours of trying to fix this and reading TWO YEAR OLD post’s in their forum on this problem that they have failed to address. I have been a member and regular purchaser for 3years on Big Fish Games I have had this issue on more than one occasion and always with these games that you cannot trail first you must buy and never an option to refund. I will be looking elsewhere for a membership. I am over this!!!!! Very disappointed and I bet when I CC this complaint to customer support and technical support .... That I hear nothing. What a disapointment yet again

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