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Real and Hard Brain Teaser! Playable only in practice mode beyond level 88 of 301 after patching the Savegame or installing the Update to V1.1

To play the game YOU NEED TO CREATE & PATCH YOUR SAVEGAME to unlock almost the full game for practice mode. Then you may skip the one bad level DIVIDED with the missing element, which makes this one level non solvable. BETTER INSTALL THE UPDATE TO V1.1 which fixes the level DIVIDED.

THE ADDITIONAL SAVEGAME PATCH offers you a trainer to practice all levels with unlimited time/life/replay. Visit here "Community > Game Forums Home > Ziro > Ziro - do it yourself (to skip faulty DIVIDED) patch for the buggy old version 1.0 - DETAILS".
You may contact me by PM for more details in case my how-to posts may be deleted one day

Don't be fooled by the first easy levels where you just match dices with value 1 to 9 by joining (pushing them together) and increasing (+ dice) and decreasing (- dice) their values first.

There are about 300 levels to solve, where you have to build your required dice values by proper adding and subtracting first (dices add up to a sum of 9 and subtracts for a sum greater than 9) by pushing them together by a "odyssey" against walls and other elements (visit here "Community > Game Forums Home > Ziro > Welcome to Ziro forum") where the dices stop then and may pushed to another element or dice!

YouTube is your friend to find solutions for the many hard levels, e.g. the channel "corsariogames":
- always omit the location (usually 1st word/part) when searching
- for the first 20 levels search for: corsario games ziro first levels
- not all levels are part of a playlist, so try to search as shown above too

The sound track is annoying for a game that requires real thinking, so you turn it better of and listen to a CD of your liking during play.
The sound will drop when you switch often from the full screen game to desktop (e.g. to get help on YouTube), so we suggest running it in window mode for a stable sound.

We're happy to have the full version and since we got the update/patch these days (thanks to our many many emails sent) we give 4 of 5 stars yet.

The updater to V1.1 is now availabe again thru "Community > Game Forums Home > Ziro > Ziro 1.1 UPDATER recovered and AVAILABLE again HERE and TODAY". Have a look at the fixed level "divided" at YouTube!

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