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How do you unlock Picture 8?

[Post New]by muttmom on Mar 11, 15 2:18 PM
How do you unlock Picture 8 in Park Ranger and Crawford Fisherie, please tell? I know I need 10 of each item and I have those but the locks are still on.


Re:How do you unlock Picture 8?

[Post New]by PixieScarlet on Mar 11, 15 2:26 PM
You can try clicking on it, but DON'T spend Gold for it. Just look at the requirement to unlock it, it will be written next to the picture. Then exit out of the screen.

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Re:How do you unlock Picture 8?

[Post New]by OddlyEnuh on Mar 11, 15 6:01 PM
Any time there is something with chains and a lock or gold in the antique shop you can click on it ONCE and it will tell you what you need to do to open that scene or convert to coin from gold.

Must be very careful, a double click will open it with gold (if you have it) and no reason to do that.

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