Caribbean won't load

[Post New]by MsMick on Jun 7, 09 8:34 AM
When I try to start the game a message box comes up and askes me for the URL or local file location I am trying to run.

I have tried to find it and load it manually and it does the same thing.

I have also reloaded the program. Don't know what happened it just won't play.

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Re:Caribbean won't load

[Post New]by johnmouse on Jun 10, 09 3:41 PM
Don't bother. You're not missing anything.

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Re:Caribbean won't load

[Post New]by vibtek on Sep 15, 09 6:58 PM
One thing Microsoft is updating everthing. They are getting everyone ready for Windows 7. They are updating Vista because everyone was complaining how bad it was. That is all is it. If have all the adobe, shockwave,adobe air, adobe reader,adobe 10, if will help it to run better.

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