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finished the game?

[Post New]by janey3315 on Mar 11, 15 8:54 PM
Wow...I was surprised by the ending....but when you think about it...it fits with the rest of the theme of the tiny bang story...after reading a thread on this very subject from a few years back when the game first came out...I was laughing out loud so hard at the discussion...because I did the exact same things as many other people did like....clicked on all the people sitting at the table...clicked like crazy on everything in the scene...then after seeing all the mini games I ended up playing the balloon popping one, which was my favorite...but much like the ending there WAS NO ENDING to the balloon popping...lol .It sort of left you wondering and asking yourself out loud, is this the end?? Well lets all give each other kudos and a job well done after we all got threw those arcade style puzzles...all in all I thought it was a very good, enjoyable game and I will play it again but not right now....


Re:finished the game?

[Post New]by flyingleap on Jun 2, 15 9:16 PM
congrats!! I'm stuck trying to put the valves in the correct places. This is after getting the picture of the kid together (not easy for me)...you know, the one behind the fountain of 2 boys peeing?............anyhow, the last valve is given after that and I've been trying to figure it out ever since in order to get the key to open the door in the same room as the fountain...........?? Can you help? There's 5 valves and the help button shows question marks on four places, can't figure it out. Flyingleap

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