nevertales beauty within

[Post New]by tpop1107 on Mar 12, 15 4:59 PM
How do you place the hearts in the locket. I have 2. I cannot get in the garden with the roses on the gates.


Re:nevertales beauty within

[Post New]by Gramps5185 on Mar 14, 15 7:29 PM
It's a bug in the game.i started game over when I got two roses and the locket icon disappeared. Played until I needed the locket again ( 3 roses). Same problem. Locket icon at the bottom disappeared!, I have purchased dozens of Big Fish games in the past few years. The quality of their games gotten worse lately. Apparently they are pushing them out the door without testing properly!!!! At least 4 games in the last year that I was unable to finish.

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