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CE or SE?

[Post New]by catbag8717 on Mar 13, 15 2:19 AM
Hey there, all! You know the drill by now.

Which one did you pick and why? What would you recommend to others?

I LOOOOOVED this game (it's my favourite this year)! I've been waiting ever so eagerly for the SE.
The CE had good value, but I just wasn't interested in the extras.

But for those who can't decide, I would say go with the SE, because of the good value.
Here's the review excerpt:

"The CE has some very tempting features, and quite a few more than the standard CE games. I reckon the CE is of good value, and it will be a tough decision for me, but I will buy the SE, because I think collectibles will be a distraction."

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Re:CE or SE?

[Post New]by biomix on Mar 13, 15 8:30 AM
Hi catbag8717,
I have just been playing the SE and it's amazing. I love this game too!
I waited for the SE same as you did because I didn't think the bonuses were worth the CE price. Collecting the coins for the dog room was a complete distracting as you said. This way you still get the dog but no coins to look for. And also no bonus chapter but so what! I used a coupon on this so I am super happy with this purchase.
That's what I would recommend!

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Re:CE or SE?

[Post New]by Radgame on Mar 13, 15 8:49 AM
Without a doubt, the SE (w/ PCC on Mon).

I've been waiting for its release as this game has outstanding detail, graphics, an interesting story and solid game play as a standalone SE. I did demo the CE - when extras/ collectible are focused on collecting things for helpers (I think it was coins for Rocky, the dog, in this one?), it doesn't hold my interest.

Hee, hee......what a trip through Martha's Vine-yard singing, "True blue baby, I (don't) love ya" to Robert who sees red! Pun intended, of course, at all the very blue and reddish-pink hue in all scenes.

Happy weekend!

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Re:CE or SE?

[Post New]by tia12345 on Mar 13, 15 5:40 PM
I am playing this and loving it, but am stuck. I am at the dog house and after digging three holes, I still cannot pick up the button. It actually shows two buttons, but can't pick up either one. Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance.

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