In Ice Cave, Screen Flashes, Snow Takes Over, Stuck

[Post New]by Quillamina on Mar 14, 15 1:13 PM
I'm having an issue after helping the captain, and getting thrown off the ship. When I land in the ice cave/ravine, the screen flashes and snow multiplies until it fills my screen to white. I can't get past this area. I came to the forum to see if there was a fix, but this problem has been reported over a year ago. I just bought this game a few weeks ago

I am an administrator on my Win8 tablet, and resizing the game screen does not help, nor is there an update for the game, so I must have the latest version.

I paid for this game. I would like a fix, it's a shame this bug has been in existence for so long. When can I expect a fix for this, or is there any new info?

Thank you.

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