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Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by tramserran on Mar 15, 15 3:36 PM
I am just curious how everyone chooses which "free" wish list item to gift.
When choosing the items I put on my wish list, I put the most critical items first (on the left).

When I first started playing this game, I gifted the item on the left side of the wish list assuming that others were putting their most needed items there. After a few weeks, I started choosing the item in the middle of the list because I was concerned my neighbors were only receiving the left sided items. Currently, I choose the far right item because I assume that everyone starts gifting from the left and am concerned that my neighbors will never receive the items at the end of the list.

Not that it is a big deal, because I am sure my neighbors will eventually receive everything on their list but I am curious how you choose which item to gift them.

How do you choose which item you gift?

A: the FIRST (left) spot on the wish list
B: the SECOND spot on the wish list
C: the MIDDLE spot on the wish list
D: the FOURTH spot on the wish list
E: the LAST (right) spot on the wish list
F: the item you also need
G: the rarely requested or needed for current offer item
H: completely random

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by Jarrow on Mar 15, 15 4:04 PM
Sorry, but I cannot select one of your formatted responses.

It depends on the phase of the moon and sun. I pick most left freebie one day. The next day I might go most right freebie followed by somewhere in between for subsequent.

Then I get in a mode to gift one of two or three items if it happens to be on the WL no matter where it sits on the list. For example, I have looked at the first few of my high-level neighbors and they all include the Energy of Attraction (looks like a magnet). So, if anyone has that item in their WL anywhere, they get it or the next item I selected for consideration which might be Magic Dust or Null Atom. I pick two or three things and anyone could get those items if it is on their list.

Everyone else that is awake will get Flint or Ore unless the current offer has a bunch of things like the Essence of Forces that allows them to collect 100 coin and some experience while visiting neighbors. This is a fine gift even if they are not doing the offer. Coin is always good.

I don't know if you noticed, but I said everyone else that was awake. I have a fair number of my neighbors that are on leave of absence. I don't see the need to continue to gift them Flints and Ores everyday, so I swap it out with Magic Dust, Null Atom or something else that is useful for putting together a bunch of the artifacts.

Then there are the days that I end up working 12+ hours, then need to find dinner... Those days everyone gets one of something that the top 6 people in my neighborhood have on their list. If there is an item that is on two out of the 6, then everyone gets mass gifted that day. I just don't have any energy left for the game, but I want my neighbors to have something from me.

Interesting question and it will be fun to read how everyone makes their choices.

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by kira_2014 on Mar 15, 15 4:04 PM
i dont have a fixed choice, except when it comes to the charges needed for an offer - i prioritize these, over any other charges.
other than that, it's pretty random, though the one in the middle tends to get most of my clicks simply because it's the quickest to click

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by SunFlash on Mar 15, 15 4:18 PM
This is an interesting subject and one I've also wondered about.

When I first started playing, I noticed that I rarely received magnets (Energy of Attraction) or Dark Matter no matter where I put them on the list. So I would always gift those items, thinking that my neighbors were not as likely to get them from other players. I got a little worried, though, that it would annoy some people to always get the same gift from me.

So, now, I have a system that doesn't really fit one of your survey letters. I think it works well to save me time and give my neighbors a variety of needed items.


- First, I decide on one of the commonly needed and gifted items. If that item is on a wish list, I do nothing. After I'm finished with all my neighbors I will mass gift that item to everyone who hasn't yet received a gift. So that also includes everyone who didn't have a freebie on their list.

- However, if an offer is running that has giftable charges or items I will send one of those, instead. I will arbitrarily choose a different spot every day (far right, middle, left of middle, etc.) and gift from that spot or as closely as possible. This is just so I don't have to put a lot of thought into every single wish list and it goes pretty quickly.

- About once a week, if I'm really tired or pressed for time, I mass gift a flint or an ore to everybody.

- I don't send gifts to sleeping neighbors. I rarely have any sleepers, anyway.

Backpack Items

- I don't really have enough spare backpack items yet that I have to spend a lot of time sending them out. Usually about 1-5 per day out of my 50 neighbors.

- As I'm going down the list, if I see an item requested of which I have at least 5, I check to see if it's something that I can spare and I check to see if the ratio of giving and receiving of bp gifts is fairly equitable with that neighbor. Usually, I've received many more bp gifts than I've sent, so I then send the gift.

Occasionally, I see that the neighbor has not sent me any bp gifts even though they are at a high level and I have sent them at least one bp gift. This becomes one of about five factors I use in determining whether or not to keep that neighbor.

I try to spread bp items out evenly over all my neighbors and send at least one to each neighbor but some never put any on their wish list or only ask for rare items.

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by MrsFalk on Mar 15, 15 5:13 PM
I pretty much rotate through the list as the week goes on, beginning with the far left spot. I insert BP items if I have any to give that might be on the lists. If a neighbor has no freebies on their list or BP items of which I have extras, I skip over them. Once that is finished, I decide which free item to mass gift the rest, excluding sleepers. My mass gift item will always be a flint, ore, or charge like Magic Dust or Null Atom, etc. Never do I gift weird torches, items that have no value even if used, or gifts that cost except gerberas or peacock feathers, etc. If a neighbor is requesting an offer charge, that's a given. Takes less than 5 minutes as I generally have just 100 neighbors.

My biggest problem is sometimes I forget which spot I'm supposed to be on. Pretty sure it all evens out eventually.

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by Crow12000 on Mar 15, 15 5:47 PM
If my neighbor has only free gifts on their list then I usually go with whatever is on the far left or right. Picking between the two is totally random. I assume that a lot of people tend to pick the middle item as it's the easiest to click on so I try not to do that.

For BP items it totally depends on how many I have and also how often the neighbor ask for the same item. I try to give preference to newer players on some of the rare items that they need to move forward. I'm thinking about stuff for the builders trowel or lumber axe when I say that for example. I try to keep it as fair as possible especially when I have multiple neighbors all requesting the same thing, and that happens often. I might also give precedence to a neighbor that I know is competing in the collector's legend competition.

I very rarely ever mass gift, in fact I think I may have only done that twice in all the time I've played. I send one of the top 5 charges to players with nothing on their lists or with items I cannot send. I just pick at random on that day. I don't send the flints and ore's because I know a lot of other people do that so this just gives them a bit more variety in their gifting.

I do not gift sleepers seems pointless to me and if they wake up they are back on my gift list.

I only send offer charges if they are on my neighbors list and again I sort of choose at random which to send. If the offer has a pay item needed to play the room, like the recent Valentine's day quest then I send every awake neighbor I have that item at least once. Usually I send them for the first 3 days of the offer and then only if they have it on their list.


Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by westminsterbabe on Mar 15, 15 5:55 PM
When I put items on my wish list, I don't put them in any particular order.

My neighbors generally end up with the most pretty, sparkly, colorful charge OR the highest level charge on their list (like gamma radiance, tin tear, etc). I don't like to gift boring-looking stuff. If they have a choice between dark matter and energy rocks on their list, they'll get the dark matter 'cause it's prettier. If a neighbor has the royal ametrine, symbol of unity, smouldering firestone and sad dreams on their list, then I'm in a quandry.

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by ponypack on Mar 15, 15 7:48 PM
I usually gift left freebies as this is the spot that is hardest to hit so I figure that will be the least gifted As far as bp items they go to guildmembers first then to who (m?)ever starting with the lowest levels first, I figure they need more help,have less neighbors and so on I gift down to one on bp items usually, I can't use more than one at a time and maybe they need it worse Except for leverlock items because I have not assembled it at all yet and hope to get them all by trading my extras before it comes back around I have only been here since thanksgiving so am still refining my game playing. I gift flints and ores if I don't have anything on the wishlist or there is nothing on wishlist and as for sleepers If i know they are just taking a break I gift flints and ores or wishlist freebies. If I am not sure I gift flints and ores and always gift cost items if they are requested I multiple gift if possible trying to gain goodwill because sometimes I can't make it to the game at times to gift everyday, but If I play I always gift. I try to play every day but can't at least one day a week because I'm at the hospital all day long,treatment takes 6 hrs. and travel takes almost four and i am usually feeling too bad that day.

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by rheashard2 on Mar 15, 15 8:08 PM
My response it pretty similiar to Jarrow's. I will gift requests for offer freebies as my first choice. Low level neighbors who have an empty WL I alternate a charge with flints and ores. High level players with an empty WL get the ores and flints. I have a few who have notified me of a preference for when WL is empty. I send these what they want. Randomly in addition to WL items I use gold to gift items for repeating quests. I finally got that Alchemical Device completed after several repeats this way. All the gifted keys helped me play those labyrinths until I got the pieces.

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by deadme on Mar 16, 15 12:26 AM
Hi Fishes

I used to set up my wish list starting with the most needed 1st but after a while you'd notice that that charge was less gifted so now I set up my wish list a different way.

Starting with least needed but still wanted in the 1st space and then the middle is most wanted charge and I sometimes have 1 artifact in wish list and end with least needed but still needing. I keep my charges numbers high as there's a lot of artifacts that use the same charge and assemble when getting low on talismans, gold or crystals.

When it comes to gifting it all depends on what's on the neighbours wish list but I do choose the charges that make talismans as I'm sure that's what the neighbour is wanting the most of.

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by JLChestnut on Mar 16, 15 5:53 AM
If all of the items are free gifts, I usually choose the one that's in the second position (starting from the left). I figure the one in the middle is easy to click on and after that, the charges on the left-most and right-most are the next most common chosen. So I go for the one that I think is less likely to be given.

I try and give out BP items but I could definitely be more generous. But I always like to double check and see if I have enough of a certain item to spare an extra and that takes time so I don't do it as often as I probably should.

There are a couple of higher level neighbors I have that only ever have pieces of the Poseidon's Trident on their WL. I don't give them to those people because since the PT isn't used for anything other than XP and gold, unlike say the Nautilus Pallium which can freeze time, I figure they just want those pieces so they can level up faster. So it's not a priority for me.

After I have gone through my entire neighborhood, I go back and mass gift a common charge to the neighbor's with empty wish lists. I used to give flints or ores, but then I saw they could now be purchased for gold from the store, so I stick to charges since they cost crystals.

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by nixe2000 on Mar 16, 15 7:02 AM
I usually give offer charges first. If there is no wish for those, I tend to click on any place except the middle, because as others have said, that's the fastest to click and might get gifted the most.
@westminsterbabe: you made me laugh , but when I thought about it, I think I have done that too on occasion. I choose the gift I thought the most pretty.
I also don't put items on my wishlist in a particular order.

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by SunFlash on Mar 16, 15 12:56 PM
JLChestnut wrote:I used to give flints or ores, but then I saw they could now be purchased for gold from the store, so I stick to charges since they cost crystals.

That's a good point, Chestnut. It reminded me, also, that I gift differently to players who are at about 50 and below. Those players are usually struggling for every little item, coin, crystal, etc. Paying 10,000 coins for 10 flints or ores is way beyond their ability so I'm more likely to send them flints and ores. Visiting neighbors and helping the creatures there is a great source of income for them.

I am careful about sending nice backpack gifts to new players because so many of them quit. I want to help them but they have to first demonstrate to me that they like the game and will probably stay with it by leveling up regularly and maintaining their wish list. Also, it doesn't hurt to communicate with me. I love to hear from new players and to help them whenever possible.

Some new players rarely level up, however, and put lots of items on their wishlist that they could not possibly be needing yet. It's clear that these accounts are duplicates which are only there to gather items and funnel them to the player's main account. They get deleted.

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by mommerj on Mar 16, 15 5:42 PM
I use a mixture of strategies that many have already mentioned. When setting up my own WL I generally put my most needed item in the center position. Not that I have done any testing, but my theory is that it is the easiest position to click on so most will click on that position.

For gifting items from my neighbors WL: I first gift offer free charges, then other free charges. If the neighbor has a Backpack item on their WL that I can spare, they will get that also. I usually just randomly select the items to mix it up. Like westminsterbabe mentioned, I am also drawn to the pretty sparkly stuff

I tried one time to systematically select, Mondays start from the far left and then each day move one space to the right. After the second day I forgot what position I was selecting. so now I just randomly select.


Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by starmagicgreen on Mar 16, 15 8:01 PM

What a wonderful new discussion! I believe the layout is most important, to the gifter and the giftee. The dilemma, of course, is figuring out which is the most important to the giftee. The five gifts are all the most important, in my opinion if there are 5 up. The giftee will be happy to receive all. In the end tho, and I'm guessing this is why the idea has come to you, to put it out here on the forums, is because you're simply getting all of the same, and none of the others. That's why you're beginning to see more and more of one-three item wishlists. The most important items to receive are free to send chargers that otherwise cost gems ( crystals, whatever you want to call them-money!)
Here is how I determine what to click: The first item on left, or the middle, or what was chosen, meaning how hard the item is to get and not necessarily in that order.
The one thing I always do is select a gift to send if the creature it comes from costs gems as opposed to coins, these are harder to get, so I select these as a first choice as well.

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Re:Choosing Wish List Item - Survey

[Post New]by thurber on Mar 17, 15 2:30 AM
I pay no attention to position when adding items to my wish list. Whatever comes first or last when wandering through needed artifacts or bp items, makes no difference to me. I assume my good neighbors have no crystal ball either and will give as they can.

As to gifting, I start with the lowest players first as I think they are the most needy. I alternate daily from giving to the left and right edges. If I see that a player has not changed their wish list, then I give accordingly to the left or right. I will always give a bp item when I can.

I will have to reconsider, I guess, that neighbors will put the most needed item to the far left. It seemed to me that other neighbors might gift from the middle as it is easiest, but perhaps I have misunderstood game strategy.

As long as a neighbor gifts from my list whether artifact or bp item, I'm content. But if my neighbors wish to ask me to gift differently, please PM me.

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