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Today's DD

[Post New]by Jurinne on Mar 17, 15 7:25 AM
Well, this is a mess of a game. Within a few seconds a hint pops up and I'm not even able to control which part of the board I want to play. Often I can't even make a move because nothing happens.

I don't think it's worth the DD price. No buy here.

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Re:Today's DD

[Post New]by nelliebj on Mar 28, 15 1:10 PM
I bought this game after playing it for the demo hour. At that point, it seemed like a pretty good game and a lot like the 4 Elements games. Boy, was I wrong.

I just trashed this game on my BFG site. It is the most frustrating, slow and badly developed M3 I've ever run into. I have played only the first 25 levels. It took a long time to get through level 24 because the board had moved and I couldn't see the bottom of the board where I actually needed to be in order to continue. There was no way I could get the board to move down. Finally, I did it and moved on to level 25. There the frustration got to the point where I just said forget it, I'm taking this off my computer. Again, I was in a section which is just a "corridor" but the board didn't move down far enough for me to see if there was anything I could move. So I went into another section that I could see but it wouldn't move!! In the end, the only way I could complete that level was to restart it. The whole thing is bad enough without having to restart a level because you can't see the board!!

I honestly think BFG should go back to the developer and get them to make the necessary changes to make this a good game. Too many bugs in it for anyone to enjoy.

Don't buy this game. It's garbage.

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