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Finding Treasure

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Mar 17, 15 1:38 PM
Since there's an Achievement for finding 12 treasure, you'd think I could find at least a second one. But it's not happening. Can anybody tell me what a treasure looks like?

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Re:Finding Treasure

[Post New]by memawclay2 on Mar 17, 15 5:27 PM
You know, the usual, fancy gilded box full of..treasure!

Lol, sorry, couldn't help myself, I seem to recall finding some as rewards for entering scary caverns and defeating the awful critters therein as well as digging one up after getting a shovel in the first scene on a small island?
In an apparent delirium I failed to notice that this was the HOTK I forum. My answer posted above applies to the HOTK II sequel. My deepest apologies to GeorgeTSLC.

The correct answer is gilded/golden treasure chest as per Fishpole.

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Re:Finding Treasure

[Post New]by Fishpole on Mar 24, 15 12:45 AM
******Spoiler Alert******........

They look like a Golden Treasure least the ones I`ve found so far have.

You get 3 after you defeat the skeletons in the Cemetery!....... !

And that`s as far as I`ve have gotten. Hope this helps and Happy Gaming

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Re:Finding Treasure

[Post New]by JB4510 on Mar 24, 15 6:25 AM
There is a quest you must meet before all of the treasures will be available to you. I found five of the treasures before completing the quest; however as this is a non-linear game and I have only played through one time, my experience may differ from yours. If you seek spoilers, they are included in this post

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