help for level 50 on SeasonMatch2

[Post New]by 25retiro on Mar 17, 15 3:07 PM
a few people responded to this problem prior to my comments but no help or answers were given
I am not sure what to do, and how do you get thru this with such a little bit of time

anyone that can help me would really be appreciated.

How do you catch the honeycomb and how can you get help!!!!!!

Be help me!!!!!!


Re:help for level 50 on SeasonMatch2

[Post New]by zambonizelda on Jun 13, 15 6:17 AM
Ditto! Not being able to finish this level is a huge problem. And, while there is a "time bar" there is no actual time (number) to beat. I'm ready to dump the game & get my money back.

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