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Crocodile in Castaway Cove...

[Post New]by katejoe999 on Mar 17, 15 11:48 PM
Could someone tell me what you get when you have killed it?
I only need the last purple royal pearl, and don't want to waste my last pennies buying mercenaries for nought!

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Re:Crocodile in Castaway Cove...

[Post New]by mamachi on Mar 18, 15 5:06 AM
you get the Pearl.

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Re: Crocodile in Castaway Cove...

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Mar 18, 15 3:44 PM
As long as you have at least 105 coins (5 more than the hire for a mercenary)--or can get them by selling stuff back--you can always buy 3 sacks of Grain at the Farm for 90, have the Miller mill it into 3 sacks of Flour for 15, have the baker (or their daughter) bake those into 15 loaves, sell them to the kitchen at the Castle for 120. Repeat. You now have 135 coins and can do it again with 4 sacks of Grain, either going back and forth to town to get the 5 coins to mill the 4th sack of Grain, or selling one sack of Flour to the daughter at 38 coins. In any case, the progression soon accelerates.

And if you've got more than 105 to start with, you can progress rather faster.

See other ideas in the "Making money" thread here.

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