Window Handles

[Post New]by JackStraw123 on Mar 18, 15 11:43 AM
There is only one window handle to be found when there needs to be two. Strategy only tells how to find one but then uses two to open the window. Please advise.

also the active screen is an inch to the left and so part of the scene cannot be seen. this is particularly irritating when trying to find hidden objects.

For these reasons i will not be purchasing any more games from Big Fish.

good bye


Re:Window Handles

[Post New]by maccionoadha on Jul 28, 15 9:59 AM
Where did you find the handle you have? Here are the instructions from the Strategy Guide:

First handle:

from the front door, enter the foyer. Go to the entryway on the front left side
Play the Hidden Object Scene by the chair.
Click on the three buttons in the back of the chair (take the peacock feather if it’s on your list).
Open the compartment on the right.
Take any items on your list.
The HAND PICK will be added to your inventory.


Zoom into the mirror.
Wipe the mirror with the RAG until it shatters (S).
Take the WINDOW HANDLE that falls on the table.

Second Handle

When in the fireplace room, light the fire then...
Place the MYSTERIOUS PAPER in the fireplace to reveal the code for the safe “7284”.
Exit the pop-up window and then zoom into the safe in the lower right.
Turn the dials from left to right to 7, 2, 8, and 4.
Click on the handle to open the safe.
Take the COLORED TILES from inside the safe.


Go to the Atrium.
Zoom into the board on the table; place the COLORED TILES on the table to trigger a puzzle.
Slide the tiles around until the positions of the colors mirror those in the diagram on the right side of the screen.
Click on a tile to move the surrounding tiles in a clockwise fashion.
Take the WINDOW HANDLE after the puzzle has been solved.

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