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Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Jun 9, 09 11:00 PM
Rangy Lil is the star attraction of Pecos Bill`s traveling circus in the old West, showcasing her amazing sharp-shooting skills. Join in Rangy Lil`s Wild West Adventure, as she must hunts down her no-good ex-husband Bob, who has kidnapped her children. Piece together clues throughout Arizona and the Grand Canyon area, to discover where Bob is holed up with the kids in this exciting Hidden Object Game.

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Re:Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure

[Post New]by JoeBee1 on Jun 10, 09 8:25 PM
Playing the demo on Vista. No problems, running very smoothly. The graphics are very nice, quite colorful and atmospheric. The blog walkthrough says there are 30 different hidden object screens and they are randomized. Great for replay value. You can compete against your own best score. The timer counts up, and you can restart a location if you think your time isn't good. There are a number of different types of puzzles also. I will spend a credit on it. . JoeBee

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Re:Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure

[Post New]by ONTARIOGOLFER on Jun 10, 09 8:39 PM
The game was way too short, almost finished it in the free hour!!!!!!!! If I would have known then what I know now, I would NEVER have bought it...a waste of money!


Re:Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure

[Post New]by patetc on Jun 12, 09 5:03 AM
Does this game work with Vista 64 bit? I've found that some recent games do not.

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Re:Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure

[Post New]by 1LIR on Jun 20, 09 6:47 PM
If I had not played the mini games I would have finished in an hour.

I bought the game but was very disappointed in it. The worse game I've ever purchased from BF!!

It looks like it will be continued but I'll not purchase!!


Re:Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure

[Post New]by Gorman26 on Jun 21, 09 4:38 PM
I also have vista 64 and cannot run some of these games. Any ideas why?


Re:Rangy Lil's Wild West Adventure

[Post New]by iDeveloper on Jun 24, 09 10:48 PM
Hi Fishes,
Too good to play the demo. Art is very impressive.

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