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Ziro 1.1 UPDATER recovered and AVAILABLE again HERE and TODAY

[Post New]by TheRealFreak on Mar 19, 15 6:12 AM
Good news! It's a like Christmas!

Ziro 1.1 UPDATER recovered and AVAILABLE again HERE and TODAY
please contact also customer support, publisher / developer studio (names shown on game's run). You're welcome to send me a PM here in case you cannot get the update one day. Just allow a delay of about a month and have your order confirmation ready.

I made it after many many tries to get in touch with the original publisher (with help of the developer of the game) which recovered the updater from his old backups just TODAY!

You just copy the file into your installed game folder and execute it to fix the file "Packages.dat". After then the level DIVIDED shows a new element at its buttom on the right and is SOLVEABLE yet!!
Readme of Updater wrote:PATCH FOR UPGRADE ZIRO V1.0 TO ZIRO V1.1
1.1. Fixed level "Divided"
1.2. Fixed users privilegies problems with Windows 7

2.1. Main Menu footer text line now contain version number (Ziro V1.1)

3.1. Copy file ZiroPatch_v1.1.exe into Ziro's install folder
3.2. Run ZiroPatch_v1.1.exe
3.3. You are done!

I've verified the updater is working yet myself.
Of course you need to have a already working installation (trial or full, which stays trial or full by applying this update, of course).
Publisher wrote:I don't see any problem that they have offered patch to you because they made it and don't have any restriction or special permission to distribute patch, especially because it was offered as free before.

Anyway, you can find Patch in attachment that I have found in my old backup files, so I am not sure that it will work, but if it works, you are free to redistribute this patch to anyone and everywhere you like.

The Update is totally freely distributable!

Enjoy the success of the many many emails I wrote...
Publisher wrote:I am terrible sorry for your trouble and respect for your persistence. I hope that you will play our games in future too.
...and say a big thank you to the original publisher and the developer studio for getting publisher's attention (names are not allowed here, but they're shown when you run the game, except mine ).

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