Level 15 - Developer record

[Post New]by ittiekat on Mar 19, 15 8:10 PM
Anyone achieved this? If so, what is the needed score and any advice?

Basically, I can't get the developer record for any of the coin frenzy levels. Is it really possible?


Re:Level 15 - Developer record

[Post New]by ittiekat on Mar 19, 15 8:43 PM
Now I'm up to 46685 and still didn't hit it.


Re:Level 15 - Developer record

[Post New]by ittiekat on Mar 19, 15 8:58 PM
Okay, apparently persistence is the key. I finally achieved a score of 50685 and hit the developer record.

Here is some of my advice:
To clear all of the obstacles on the board, you will need 16 tools and 7 pieces of stone. You start with 1 stone so will only need to grab two more bunches from the floating rafts. As far as tools, you will only need to grab 3 more bunches. You only get 20 points for extra resources so it is not beneficial to waste any time getting any more than 2 stones and 3 tools, since getting coins is 500+ points.

Go left and clear the leaves. Grab the 2 tools and go to the next left path and clear those leaves. Hit the "fast work" as soon as she starts working on the leaves. Clear both and if a coin raft is there when you are done, grab it. Go to the next right path and grab one stone and one tool bunch. if you are lucky, two stone bunches will have arrived and you can get both. Remember, you only need 2 stones so don't waste time getting any more.

Go to the far right path and clear the two holes to get to the other worker. When she is working on the 2nd hole, click on the 2 far left paths so that the workers will immediately go over there and start clearing those leaves and holes. Keep clearing as much as you can on the left side of the screen until the bonus runs out. Try not to make your workers run more than they need to, though.

Once the fast work bonus is done, click the fast run bonus and start grabbing any coins you can, aiming more so for the rafts with 2 or 3 coins. Don't forget to grab 2 more tool bunches. Once the bonus runs out, position one worker on the far left path and make him/her go back and forth on the two branches of this path to get coins that come. Position the other worker on one of the other paths. Keep getting coins.

When you are within about 10 seconds of getting the fast work bonus again, send a worker to start clearing the way to the chest. If you did it right, there should only be one hole to fill. Get the chest and then go back to grabbing coins.

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Re:Level 15 - Developer record

[Post New]by Hespera on Mar 23, 15 9:10 AM
Wow, this is a great work up, ittiekat!

Thanks for taking the time to write it up!


Re:Level 15 - Developer record

[Post New]by ittiekat on Mar 26, 15 12:51 PM
No problem. Now if I could only figure out level 31.

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