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Mystery 3 Level 2

[Post New]by CanMFT2 on Mar 20, 15 5:28 AM
I cannot get more than two stars in this level no matter what I try. Can anyone make suggestions?


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Re:Mystery 3 Level 2

[Post New]by maurorh on May 31, 15 10:40 AM
Use the Auto transport bonus. Knock out the hunters, collect the resources, answer the question ( , collect the gold by the office and pay the vendor at the exit. Build a quarry, upgrade the bank, feed the dog, buy the potion then upgrade the shop. You'll need 2 orders of iron. Be building while you're doing all this. When you have enough stone, destroy the quarry and build a bank, though I found I didn't need it. I finished at 2:49. I usually try a level a couple of times to become familiar with the sequence before I waste my bonus.

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