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Re: Part 4, level 8, clicking on the thieves

[Post New]by Magda640 on Mar 20, 15 4:10 PM
After doing this over and over, I got 30 out of 30 thieves, but only 728 out of 750 gold, and the game just keeps running! I would like to go ahead and try the next level, but I can't. Why isn't there a lesser award? If I exit to the map, my only option is to redo the same level. Really aggravating.


Re:Re: Part 4, level 8, clicking on the thieves

[Post New]by Megan1710 on May 20, 15 7:59 AM
It is indeed VERY aggravating as I have found tonight......and even more aggravating that no-one has responded with an answer to your question as to how this can be resolved.

I notice a number of people over the past three years at least have posted this same problem with the thieves in Part 4, Level 8 but it seems there are no intelligent answers are out there at all.

I was really enjoying this game and then whammo this scenario!


Re:Re: Part 4, level 8, clicking on the thieves

[Post New]by Beckiep on May 28, 15 11:00 AM
Giving up on this game and giving a very low rating simply because of this level. I don't mind a challenge, but this is impossible. My wrist and arm are hurting and I'm not even getting close to the requirements. Some of the previous suggestions seem almost flippant and are pretty ridiculous. I'd like to think they were meant only to help, but I have my doubts.
Get a faster clicking mouse???? FOR JUST THIS GAME!?! And how do I know just how fast a mouse clicks until I get it home?
My keyboarding skills are extremely good. It has nothing to do with the strength of ones fingers. I do fine until about halfway through when they all come at once. I click, but the computer doesn't register the click fast enough and my fingers and wrist seize up.
And the video on YouTube?! What a joke! That player got lucky with how slowly the theives came. If it were really like that, there wouldn't be this much discussion on how impossible it is.
At this point, whether the level gets fixed or altered really doesn't matter to me. I'm done!


Re:Re: Part 4, level 8, clicking on the thieves

[Post New]by gamergirl001 on Aug 6, 15 12:15 PM
Set your mouse to "fast" click and concentrate on the ones closest…. I only got a silver, but at least I finished. Good luck!!!!


Re:Re: Part 4, level 8, clicking on the thieves

[Post New]by missann68 on Jan 30, 16 12:29 PM
Someone suggested an auto-click app, so I went on C/Net downloads, found one called "Free Mouse Auto Clicker", downloaded it, set it at 2 clicks/millisecond. Works beautifully and I got gold with no problem. Thanks for the tip!!!

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