Different Solution to 82

[Post New]by Alaska_Myth on Mar 20, 15 5:03 PM
Since the Discussion on this level was locked, I thought I'd share in a new post.

I went at this level a different way. Instead of clearing debris and immediately going to the farms, I got the lantern next to the Chalet fixed while clearing the lot and building the sawmill.

Used all the money for wood, repaired the Chalet while repairing one farm. Sent one to the first farm while repairing the second and fixing the middle and far right bridge. Then the second farm repaired while sending a second worker to the first, and finally 2 to the second farm.

I bought wood as soon as I could while getting more workers. As soon as I had five "free" workers (had a sixth running for around repairing), I opened the factory. About the same time, I had enough wood for the far left bridge. Worked the whatever coal I could get to (mostly without crossing the bridges).

Kept getting more workers and released the ones from the farms when I had the wood to repair the 2 lanterns across the bridges. I actually had time left over.

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