Re:failed to install error code 766

[Post New]by okletmewin12 on Aug 17, 08 11:38 AM
hey cesse, thnx for reply

i had already seen the faq about those error codes, and even tho i wasn't sure any of them specifically applied to error code i got, i had already deleted files in temp folder, and i have ooooooodles of space on hard drive

and as i said in orig post, i'm sure it's not firewall or av program blocking it since i run them all the time and they never interfered with a dl from this site b4, and i've dloaded many many games from here

other ideas anyone? thnx

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Re:failed to install error code 766 update seems ok now

[Post New]by okletmewin12 on Aug 17, 08 11:57 AM
odd, maybe it was hiccup in download system that sorted itself out when i did a test dl of another game when this one was throwing the error ... and the test dl worked just fine btw

at any rate, did re-dl of this game afterwards and it just finished installing so all seems well

course i haven't tried to PLAY it yet, lol ... but i'm sure it's fine now

thnx anyway folks!

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Re:failed to install error code 766

[Post New]by lilorange on Aug 17, 08 12:01 PM
Okletmewin12--I have in the past encountered false positives from my virus (on isolated occasions) when downloading from a site I previously had no problems with and trusted. What I did was disable my virus since I trusted the site), download the game, then put my virus back on. I don't really want to recommend this (as everyone has different programs running, so I guess do it at your own discretion--I would not want to be responsible for you having a problem at a later date. In my book, I trust the BFG site and would not expect they would have anything out there with a virus in it.

I can tell you I downloaded the demo without any problem. Haven't purchased yet as there may be a few small bugs toward the end of the game (see the other threads in this forum)

Again, this is just a suggestion and do so at your own risk. I am not tech savvy, so if you do encounter a problem I wouldn't be able to help you!

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Re:failed to install error code 766

[Post New]by kkt4451 on Apr 5, 09 9:32 PM
I just got the 766 error code downloading wonderburgh I tried installing without the virus protection and still getting same error code. So I understand your problem.

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