Stuck on level 45

[Post New]by debpegbets on Mar 24, 15 7:03 AM
Stuck on level 45

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Re:Stuck on level 45

[Post New]by FRHgames on Mar 24, 15 11:20 AM
At the beginning of the level, there are two keys and pre-defined combos. Use them to move both keys to the locks.
Then, you should move Gold Drop down into the shape. Actually, that's the most difficult part of the level. To move Drop down, you need eliminate Ground. The best way you can do it is to make a Match 4 or Match 5 power-up and explode it so that it will remove an ice from the predefined bonuses in the ground. If you will free a Dynamite from ice, double - click on it, it will explode, eliminate part of the groung and free other two Dynamites. Activate them and that's it - ground is destroyed.
Anyway, you should get rid of the ground with power-ups, so that you can move Drop down into the Shape.
If you turn Shape into the Coin, collect it and then you can make a combo on a Red Cell at the bottom of the screen. It will remove Hot Stones. Then you can collect the rest of coins. That's it!
Let me know if it help!

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