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I get to the double doors to the music room and even though I have tapped left, left, right, left, right, the doors will not open. It tells me there is nothing left to do on this page. The only green area I have left at the moment is Chestnut Street where I need a ladder and it says I wish I'd worn high heel shoes but I have none and nothing helps me to get the ladder! HELP please!

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[Post New]by 9otters on May 30, 15 11:15 PM

Hope I'm not too late. Just started playing myself. You probably figured this out already but...

The L,L,R,L,R, combo for the music shop door worked for me. After you enter the music shop and do all that needs to be done there, the ladder that was propped up against the wall between the music shop and the voodoo shop, will fall down and you'll be able to pick it up and use it on the JP Club window in the alley.

And, yes, cats DO rule, ok! Let me know?

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