Tips for Level 31

[Post New]by ittiekat on Mar 26, 15 1:27 PM
So, it definitely took me a lot of practice. I finally got a score of 85280, which got me the developers record. Not sure what the threshold is. I think I had at least 77K prior, which did not get my the record.

How I did it:
Send the worker to clear the garbage at the right. Click the "fast work" bonus once she starts. Grab the free tools to the right and go to the next right path and go up to clear that garbage. Go down and collect both tools and wood. Once you have 6 wood, build the bridge blocking the next worker. Once he's freed, go clear the big boulder back by the truck.

Use the "stop time" for the next bonus. Have one worker grab tools/wood and the other can get coins. Have the animal guy get rid of the snakes to free the other worker. Once that worker is freed, you should have enough to build the altar and other bridge.

After this, its kind of a blurr how I accomplished it. Keep trying to use the "stop time" and "fast speed" bonuses at the same time. When fast speed is on, you can pretty much get every float that approaches, even the tools and wood. I think I was able to stop time as least 2 more times.

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