Collection Activators

[Post New]by angelbymoonlight on Mar 27, 15 7:02 AM
Hi I need candles to activate a collection it states that they can be found in hos or defeating enemy's yet when I click find only gives me the option to battle an enemy.

Which hos are they in or am I not at a high enough level for them to appear in the hos yet?

Also need test tubes any hints on how to collect these faster without having to buy loads of rubies?

Thanks Naomi

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Re:Collection Activators

[Post New]by Turalyon on Mar 27, 15 7:38 AM
As a lot of things in this game, the description is, of course, a lie. NOT A SINGLE HOS drops collection activators. You ONLY get them from battling enemies and with some luck from the Shelter.

Candles drop comparatively often, but test tubes only come from Ogre Leaders and they drop very rarely. Only ribbons are even rarer.

I always equate, the more rubies an activator costs in the shop, the rarer it is to drop.

Small edit: Maybe, just maybe, the collection activators could be dropped once, when this game was new. But as long as I have played it, HOS haven't had activators in their list

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