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Fables of the Kingdom

[Post New]by bfgFlounder on Mar 28, 15 12:29 AM
A once beautiful Kingdom lies in ruins after being attacked by an evil Sorcerer. He has destroyed everything and has kidnapped the beloved Princess. The King turns to a brave young man to help rescue his daughter.

Embark on an exciting mission to rescue the Princess! Help restore the Kingdom and enjoy an exciting simulation game.

Can you help the hero on his challenging quest? Discover Fables of the Kingdom and save the Princess!

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Re:Fairy Kingdom

[Post New]by M_LADY on Mar 28, 15 4:23 AM
This isn't really a review, more of a comment, so I thought I'd put it here. Something that I've noticed in games of late is a long "lag time" between scenes, at least on my computer. I'm one of those who enjoys both HOPA's and TM/strategy/builders and this lag time has become very vexing and an extreme irritation. This game has little to no lagging between scenes, whether on the map screen or the "end of level" award screen. That in itself is almost enough to warrant a purchase, in my mind. I also have to say that I enjoyed this game for the graphics, innocuous music, strategy and mechanics. I like being able to queue tasks for the workers in advance and the fact that there is no "I'm on the way" or "I'll do it" dialogue from the workers. That gets old to me very quickly. I also like the fact that you can continue to play after the timer runs out because, except for the very early levels, I can very rarely finish on time. LOL! Guess I get too caught up in watching the little guys run around! The story is the usual "Kingdom destroyed by evil.....rescue the captured Princess", but I guess there has to be a reason for all of the building so I can go along with it. LOL! Can't wait to see the dragon! (Possible spoiler, highlight to read.)

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